yes yes. i'm a thief. stealing WiFi!

ok ok. LOVING being in a house. i have pictures of us on christmas morning with our christmas tree {that i put up on christmas eve}. we look drunk...or really tired from moving. [its the latter of the 2}

well...we went this morning & cleaned up the old guest house. took a bunch of stuff to goodwill. {mikes friend spencer thought we were just going to fili b's for breakfast, but we conned him into helping us for 2 1/2 hours packing more & cleaning it all up!}

we gave the keys back & will miss the nice family there.

mike has fixed the washer that leaked everywhere. he replaced the stoves plug because it was the wrong one to connect to the wall. he's pretty handy. really. my family knows this...since he helped my parents move & traci move too.

once i get pics from traci i'll post em. or she will haha.

but SWEET diddy...we have a HOUSE!!! :)


Traci said...

WOOHOO! SO happy you go to move in and be in for Christmas! I'll try and post pics today!

Tim and Amy said...

congrats chica!

johnson family said...

Congratulations, Mindy & Mike! That's so exciting!

katelines photography. said...

woot-woot! i am so excited.

per yellow apron: my mom decided to come to town tonight, so we might be m.i.a this evening. :( i really want to see your house.