jingle bells. title lady smells.

ok. ok. i'm a little disappointed. {times that by 15}

still haven't gotten the key yet. i know i know right?

we signed on monday. the lame lady at the title company said we weren't supposed to close till today...so she hadn't faxed the stuff over as of wed. well mike. mitch{FHA guy} & martin {our realtor} called over there to tell her we were supposed to close LAST friday.

well she faxed the stuff over around ONE today!!! so when the bank got it...it was too late for us to get the key today.

so its the title lady that smells.

so...you can guess why i'm mad? christmas is next week. i bought my amazing ornaments like a month ago. i bought a super sweet door mat. and if we got the key today...we'd have lots of help moving in tomorrow.

now? not so. monday we will probably get the key...mike works. mon. tues. 1/2 wed.
so we will be moving nights. unless i have volunteers to help take car loads with me...since i'm off work for the next two weeks! haha. and people work all day.

any ladies with trucks and strong arms? ahem....traci??

on a lighter note...school today was fun. busy, but fun. the sweet aids & teacher i work with gave me some sweet gifts. like an ELEPHANT ornament...homemade cookies...a uber cute scarf...morrree homemade cookies....and our little guy ian...brought us each a gift from victoria secret...don't be alarmed...his mom got us each slippers! haha.

ANYWAYS....i have several new posts over at blueyedesign. i realize most people are done christmas shopping...but holiday parties don't end with christmas....how bout a gift for the new years party host? birthdays coming up? baby showers? weddings?{i gave a big J to a friend of ours for their wedding that matched their kitchen, they LOVED it!} head over to the site...more than 4 letters? i'll make you a deal!


Mom said...

love the poem! glad you're getting your key soon! I can help!

Traci said...

keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Cami Clay Photo. said...

Poor Mindy! That really bites, let me know when you get the key and I'll try to come help. Maybe instead of doing cooking night next week, we'll move you in. Im sure that makes you happy! I just dont have a cool beanz truck to really help, but have you seen my guns lately? Yeah, deffinatly could enter the strongest woman alive contest.

Tim and Amy said...

that is absolutely insane. seriuosly, your realtor should have been YELLING as someone about all this chaos! i would be so mad.

hopefully you can at least move in before christmas - although you won't be settled in by then.

very nice sales pitch. when we get into a house we'll be getting some cute letters. do you want to send me the 'blueyedesign' block on your side panel so i can add it to my blog?

oh and i'm glad you got some sweet stuff from people at work! :o)

riggsfam said...

cute new letters! that really is ridiculous about not having the key!

Cami Clay Photo. said...

I really hate title lady..

what happened? why didnt you get them again??

Kelli said...

Mindy your letters look so good! Did you end up moving in and doing pizza? If you did...Im sorry I didn't help. I wasn't sure if it was going to happen. Let me know what I can do.

Cami Clay Photo. said...

Yes yes yes I will! Sorry it's taken me so long, we're heading out of town tomorrow morning but Ill try to do it tonight, if not, when we get back.