22 weeks

How far along? 22 weeks
Baby is as big as a? spaghetti squash! 11 in
( she was 1 lb 1 ounce. last week!)

Maternity clothes? yes. still
Sleep: its getting harder to get comfortable at night
Best moment this week:realizing its been over 2 weeks since i've thrown up in the afternoon! yay!
Most "pregnant" moment this week: losing money & going the wrong direction driving- 2 times!
Miss Anything? sleeping on my stomach
 Movement: yup! everyday shes moving. i can feel her above my belly button sometimes. its crazy
Food cravings:
 otter-pops, slurpees, sweets. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: brushing my teeth
Have you started to show yet:my belly is getting bigger by the day.
Gender prediction: this girl is great already!
Happy or Moody most of the time: moody the beginning of the week. i'll be honest. :)
Looking forward to: getting the room painted & the crib set up & the crib bedding done (thanks marsha!)

I had the level 2 u/s done last week & it was SO fun seeing her again. & seeing that the cysts were gone! yay. the calcium spot is still on her heart- but the dr. is not concerned! NO signs of genetic disorders & the blood work all came back negative! :) she even yawned during the u/s. but she NEVER stopped moving & flipping the whole time!


Traci said...

you look so cute prego! :) So exciting to be feeling her more & more. It's such an amazing feeling! SO glad you haven't been sick!

jill s said...

so glad you're feeling better!!

you need to post another picture for me! :)

love you!

mindy said...

I still throw up in the mornings a few days a week but I haven't had a bad DAY in 21/2 weeks! :)

Amy said...

yay! agreed - you look super cute prego. and you have lots of things already picked out and ready to go for her room - you'll be set before you know it!

allen's paradise said...

believe in yourself:)