19.2 week belly

I'm so grateful to be blessed with this special little girl. I've had a fairly miserable pregnancy thus far. Still vomiting at 20 weeks isn't fun. and the headaches! but i'm tried not to complain too much because i know how many people want this experience- with or without the sickness! I'm definitely not one of those moms that could think about having 10 kids after experiencing all the sickness though. BUT- every kick and tumble she does makes me more and more grateful! After a bad day i usually have a good day & its easy to forget. Mike rubs my neck & head & feet for me when i'm feeling miserable & i couldn't be more grateful for him. The day after my last U/S i was at granny goose's house  & Dr. Messer herself called me to tell me a few things she saw. As a first-time-mom it freaked me out! She told me it was nothing to worry about but that she saw a shadow on the babies heart- but that it wasn't going to cause any problems. Then she said she saw some Cysts on the head, but that they could go away by 28 weeks. but because she saw BOTH these things, & because i had not done the early screening for genetic disorders- she suggested that i get the blood screening & a level 2 u/s! (when i got off the phone i went in to the room with gran  & just started balling- trying to tell her what the dr. said! oh hormones & FTM) SO i got in the next day for the Lab work & waited and waited to get the u/s set up! My monthly appt with Dr. Messer was on our Anniversary- May 2nd & i was anxious for the results. I didn't get in for the u/s in time - (due to their office not communicating with eachother! not the first problem i've had with that!) So she was at least able to give us the blood results- all NEGATIVE!! it was fabulous news! She said we can do the U/S still just to double check & make sure she looks good! :) So Tuesday i'll have that u/s & i'm SO excited to see my presley jane again!

Today Amy & i went and bought grey paint for the baby room & supplies- so when mike can- he will paint the rest of the room! Yesterday i went and bought fabric for the bedding & i'm SUPER excited for that to get done- thanks to BEANZ THINGZ on FB who is sewing it for me!

I'm grateful everyday for my baby & pregnancy & grateful i have a healthy baby growing.
CHEERS to being halfway done :)


jill s said...

you look beautiful!!

and i'm SO happy all the blood work came back good!

hang in there...you'll be holding that gorgeous little girl before you know it!

Traci said...

Lookin super cute with that lil belly! Can't believe your half way thru!! Crazy! Love ya!

Lindsay Riggs said...

I would have been alarmed by the call from Dr. Messer, too! Glad things are looking good!

Amy said...

you are looking great! hope things go fabulous tomorrow + you get another sneak peek at presley!