end of week 1

Weight loss at the end of week 1: 4 lbs! woohoo!
resting heart rate- still high (hopefully nothing to worry about since sister & apparently mom have a high (resting) heart rate as well!
blood pressure: good!

Richard simmons is incredible. & i ran a half mile today!(for those of you who run- don't laugh!) woot woot!

i feel great after working out & i've been trying to eat healthier! picked up some more salad at the store today & popcorn for a snack! i've been drinking LOTS more water which i think is also helping me feel better! I weighed in today & was the same as friday- he said that was good for coming back from a weekend! that made me feel good! :)

life is good. :)

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Amy said...

and you are good. keep up the good work + eating healthy.