weight loss

(Warning- this is my journaling my weightloss program & workout)
2012 is the year of change for me.
 time to get healthy.
 i've procrastinated eating healthy & exercising for far too long.
but here i am- weighing much more than i did when i got married. but more than just weighing more- i've felt more unhealthy. but i am here now- in the present & changing my life. on November 30th 2011- i got in a car accident- which led me back to my chiropractor. he told me i'd start working out last week. & last wednesday- he was having me do my arm workouts when i told him i had ordered the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred! he then told me he could do it. Soooo...i ran. i ran for the first time in...hmmm 4 years? it was SUCH a breeze. i had a coughing attack when we were done- but i was sick previously. then we did the richard simmons 7 minute ab workout. it is a KILLER ab workout. each day for 7 days- is a different ab workout & you do it for 7 weeks- or forever. :) i was feeling GOOD leaving there. & then thursday- i was SORE. Friday i went back- & i had my first weigh in...i didn't even want to tell him what the scale said. But i must say- thats the boost i needed to kick it into high gear! He took my blood pressure & heart rate. heart rate was high. (105) he was a little worried about that. well- after seeing the scale- i was ready to RUN. each day i go there we run down the street- each day going one more street light & back. So we ran- & this time my body was sore & it was HARD. then we did day 2 richard simmons video. He copied the video onto my ipod so i could continue the 7 day workout over the weekend! Saturday Amy & Traci came over & we did the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred! I could NEVER be on the biggest loser. Idk how they do it. she kept saying on the video- "i know you wanna quit and its hard- but you have to keep going- don't quit!" i think amy & traci will agree it was a hard workout! But we did our best. Then i did the day 3 RS ab workout! That man is Sassy & gives out a MEAN ab workout! but i can definitely feel it working! by saturday night my body was hurting all over. Even though its sunday- i continured the 7 minute RS ab workout! I'm not sure if it's getting harder each day or if its because i'm more sore each day. I've been adding more inspiration to my pinterest board to continue my great attitude about losing this "comfort weight". i say that because when i got married- i got too comfortable with eating out & not exercising. i don't feel good about my body & i'm ready for a big change. i'm ready to eat healthier & feel healthier! So here is to 2012- a year of change!!
This man- he is far more fierce that he is sassy!

my goal: lose 30 pounds.


Lindsay Riggs said...

That is a great goal and it sounds like you're really going for it! Word of advice- break your goal up into smaller increments. IE: lose ten lbs by Easter, then 10 more by labor day, etc. It will give you some attainable milestones to celebrate and feel like you're accomplishing something! I have to break weight loss goals into baby steps. :)

jill s said...

you go girl!!

you are doing amazing!

and about the heart rate thing...my heart has always been high. it doesn't matter what shape i'm in. even in high school i remember my anatomy teacher being concerned about it when we all had to check our heart rate for something.

anyways! i'm excited to read your updates.

love you!

Anonymous said...
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Traci said...

way to go!!! You can do it! :)

Jaye said...

This is my year to finally leave the fat suit behind...My goal is to lose 75 by this time next year...Good luck to us both! midmichiganflowergardening.blogspot.com