heart beats....boom boom boom

we had our appt with dr. messer on wednesday & we got to hear the little babies heartbeat & it took her a second to find it but when she did...the swoosh swoosh sound was beautiful! 150 bpm! got all our little questions answered!

i also had my cardiology appt last week & that went well! everything looks good! stress test is good as well as the echocardiogram! yay! just said i have a high heart rate....resting at 105! :) thankfully my sis jill has this same thing- all the time! i just didn't know my baseline so they needed to make sure all was well with my heart. & i have to continue checking my blood pressure 2-3 times a week- but its been REALLY good :)

we won't find out if its a boy or girl til middle to end of april! but that will come FAST i know it. i can't believe i'm 3 months pregnant already.

i've grown out of most my jeans- super uncomfortable when buttoned but i haven't gained any weight yet! :) its fun buying maternity clothes though- so i wont complain!

i'm happy to say we have our names picked out either way, but for the few of you who DON'T know what they are---- i'll keep it a secret til we know what we are having!

I posted on FB & now everyone knows- if they understood the picture & caption with the Mini M&M :)

my next post will be about my trip to MICHIGAN! yay!!! its been 3 years since i've been there! i cannot wait!


jill s said...

so so so excited to see your face in person tomorrow!!!!

and so happy that everything is going well with your pregnancy!!

you should record the heartbeat the next time you go!! we did that with both kiddos. :)


Lindsay Riggs said...

Hearing the heart beat is the best! Have a great time in MI!

Lacey Lou Who said...

Congratulations on everything! So happy for you!

Traci Butler said...

Congrats you two. There's nothing like the excitement of your first little baby. Im guessing girl and you should know im wrong 75% of the time. So happy for you and mike!