summer turns to fall

The leaves were changing already in Grand Rapids.

The weather was wonderful. {but perfect to mosquito's...erg}

We did crafts. Jill & i each sewed a fleece blanket. which we love.{yes i've only sewn once before so this was a feat for me :)}

I decorated a 5...which i love.

We decorated a wood board. sabrina ward harrison style.

Jill (and sage) did a photoshoot of me. they did good.

We went to Lake Michigan...and played on the "beach" it was SO fun!

We ate pizza on the trampoline. {sage & i}

We went to Goodwill distribution center. got a cute purse & frame & sweater vest for 50 cents each.

We hung out & played the wii. {sage & i}

We found home videos jill & jim had taken at our house. it was quite entertaining. and my choir videos.

Sage chose to stay home rather than go to school monday...that was nice. {jill gave her the choice on sunday night and she said...Stay home with Mimi all day!}

We spent a lot of time hanging out, talking, and having fun like the good ol' days when i would spend most of my time at their place when they lived here.

But when it was time to leave...and we were driving to the airport...sage said...but momma i dont want mimi to leave. i changed my mind, i wanna go to school. "but school is already over sage" but i changed my mind, i wanna go to school and then we can take mimi. "i'm sorry sage we are almost to the airport and she has to go byebye." this was followed by screaming and crying.

and yes...i took part in the crying. all the way into the airport. i miss them.

if you recall i spent the first year of her life with her. babysitting, hanging out. i feel closer to her than any other niece/nephew. not that i have very many haha.

THANK YOU JILL AND JIM for letting me come visit. i LOVED IT!

Here's the pics.

beautiful jill at the beach.

sage & i slept on the pull out couch.

first time sewing a blanket.

sage tried on LOTS of shoes. so i did. i want these boots.

she really wanted this winnie the pooh fabric for a blanket like us...so i gave in.

we ate pretzels and cheese like a picnic 2 times.

sage learning to ride a 2 wheeler.

i wanted to show her its really not that scary :)

playing at the beach with sage. i love her.

and of course playing with emerson.

and jill & sage did a photoshoot of me. here's a few.

Photos by sage : i couldn't keep a straight face with her.
all photos in this blog- courtesy of fireflies photography.


jill s said...

we miss you too.

sage even begged to move back to arizona so she could live close to mimi.

we L O V E D having you here!!!!

we all hope you'll come back again sometime. :0)

i promise i'll get you pics soon!!

riggsfam said...

Fun stuff! All of the pictures are so cute! Did you get a whole new wardrobe before you went? All your outfits look fresh and cute. (By the way, I think you should keep your current hairstyle for the rest of your life.)

Tim and Amy said...

okay love love love all the pics. you crack me up. i like how you were showing sage how to ride the bike... too funny. you're so dang cute. fabo pics. and glad you had such a good time! agree with linds - love the hair-do! i hadn't seen it before.

laura. said...

you creeper.. checking out my hair.haha.

sounds and looks like such a fun trip, i love visiting neices. but its so hard to leave =(

Traci said...

Pics are so C U T E!!! You are gorgeous! Looks/sounds like lots of fun! Love the pic on the bike...haha! Your hair is SUPER cute and so are your clothes! Love ya! (hope I can go to MI someday) :)

Mom said...

I love the pics! So much fun! Love the picnic lunches! I'm glad you got to go back there!

mandyface said...

Mindy, its Mandy. You are cute. Let's be blog friends, please?

Brian Clay said...

Mindy, I really like those shots! You're quite the photogenicist! Who took them?