joy && stress

oh boy. lots is happening in my life. not used to this.

  • filing claim about my car getting hit while parked. man coming in the morning to work to look at it and give me an estimate. sent me papers explaining the "accident"- its gonna be a pretty blank paper. just my name and address & address of where it happened.
  • still trying to get paid from the nanny family. demanding the money now. again.
  • got my jacket in the mail today {see below}
  • house hunted again all day saturday. few options we are thinking about seriously.
  • last night we got a wedding present that i couldn't wait for. a BIG clock! :) made by Jenny Thompson and her mom. it says Hermann Clock company and established 2008. i love it. can't wait to get a house and have it up!
  • amy and i both quit the no sugar bet yesterday. {she quit first-- congrats to kate for winning haha}
  • work is still going great and the kids keep me smiling all day. and i come home with ENERGY. man i missed that while i was nannying.
  • I am making dinner more frequently. {i hope mike is enjoying that.} i'm happy to be eating spaghetti more often. its my fav.
  • Going to MI in 2.5 weeks. can't wait for nicer weather & spending time with the Scripps fam! oh boy!!!!
  • Bed bugs. hate em. i'm convinced that is what is eating me at night. any natural remedies for these anyone knows about? The bites don't itch too bad. but is there something i can put on before i go to bed at night that will keep em away? They don't eat mike. just me. i knew i was sweet but UGH. :) jk. They started eating me about 2 months ago.
  • our guest house is getting more organized. but still needs some work. but hope we move sooner than later.

this was a long post. sorry for boring you.

p.s. sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. {who knew?!}


kate lines; said...

not boring.
i can't believe you only lasted a week mind(y)!!! ugh, i was planning until like christmas with amy and your track record. no fair. i am still going!

riggsfam said...

That bet sure didn't last long! :) Hopefully your "joys" are outweighing the "stresses!"

Mom said...

Good luck with all the stresses! I'm glad you're enjoying your job and cooking more, etc. Keep smiling! Love you tons!

Tim and Amy said...

first of all - get a new mattress or try sleeping elsewhere to see if they go away. call me & i'll tell you about my experience.

GO KATE! i didn't know you quit after i had my gingerale last weekend!

Hope the car things AND THE DANG NANNYING thing get straightened out! Love ya! :o)

Oh and give me details about the house. That is such a fun process - I think.

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

crossroads for giblert ped's are greenfield and baseline

Traci said...

Glad you are enjoying houston again! :) Hope you find a house you love! Hopefully you get paid soon! I hope nothing else happens to your car and you get it all fixed!

laura. said...

dang bed bugs, i get them to sometimes, or maybe there just spiders?

hope you get your nannying pay check i would be m-a-d. its hard work.
good luck with your {house hunting}

laura. said...

no thank you for the comment.

oo sounds intense, i know i would do it. grrr..

heck ya you gotta come up here again maybe we can strap ourselves to the back of the golf cart and go for another joy ride.