red house.

we found a {red} house. in mesa. and we both love it. it has a shop in the back , with a big rv gate. and a large backyard. its cute. it needs a little bit of work. its one of those "it has a lot of potential" houses. haha.

hopefully we can go look at the inside a little better one day this week. looking through the windows just wasn't enough for me. haha. but i already like it.

i started at houston on friday. {perfect timing...i know, just in time for a 3 day wknd}

i love it. i work in the Autism classroom...6 kids. 4 are 1st grade. 1 is 2nd grd & 1 is 3rd grd.

the teacher is super cute and young. i wanted her outfit actually...she was wearing a purple dress with a big black belt and black leggings. haha. and the other two aids are sweet.

anyways... i go to michigan in like 3 1/2 weeks. and i'm KINDA excited. {kinda is a very large understatement!}

i'm so excited i just bought this: {forever 21}

well friends...enjoy your labor day.

EDIT: the Cute RED house is sold. :(


jill s said...

i hope you get to see the inside soon! and i hope you still love it! :)

the jacket is so cute!

we can't wait to have you here!


riggsfam said...

Fun jacket and fun that you have somewhere cold to where it! Take a picture of the house!

Tim and Amy said...

Glad your job is great. Cute jacket! Definitely take pics of the house chica! I want to hear details!

Mom said...

Cute jacket! Glad you're liking your job so far! I want to see the house too! Fun!

Bekah said...
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laura. said...

i love the jacket, way cute.

i want to see this house i love houses like that. well have fun with your new job! holler.

oh and if your wondering about the deleted comment, it was me. =)