just a few things.

i love this song.
it just makes me feel so much emotion.

anywho. life is good. work is great.

since we put that bid on that house last weekend...still haven't found out.

i'm crossing my fingers.

i was thinking of all the reasons i'd be a better wife in a house:
-we'd have our dryer hooked up...i'd do a lot of laundry...oh yay.
-full kitchen, dishwasher, two sided sink...i'd do DISHES.
- and i'd cook more.
- i'd decorate a lot faster than when i moved in with mike.
-it'd be a FRESH clean slate, not a bachelor pad.
-it will be organized.
- i'll have a scrapbook room.
-i can paint.
- we can have friends over for a MEAL- in our HOUSE, not bachelor pad.

ya know. these may be good reasons. and they certainly are to me.

i was thinking about work just now...oh how they make me smile.

Lauren sings disney songs under her breath.
Sterling asks us if we are happy all day long. and sometimes says goodbye lots of times to make us go away.
Quinn likes to say some things he shouldn't. like swear words.
Ian just giggles and says no thank you jokingly all the time.
Connor is quiet and smart. and likes to say the right answer when its everyones turn.
Manuel is a mystery...he is so cute when he laughs though.
{each color of the name very well fits them.}

i come home with energy after work. (except today, we were missing one aid.) and i don't worry about going to work. and i'm not stressed there. and i love it. so much.

and i think to myself...if i can love these kids this much...i can't imagine a mothers love. its amazing.

i hope you all have a peaceful weekend. enjoy. oh and listen to this song too.

p.s. the bed bugs don't prefer eucalyptus spearamint body wash. haleluia.


Traci said...

Glad you are enjoying your job! Hope you get a house! Good luck! :)

Mom said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying work so much! I liked the Carrie Underwood video--that was touching. The other one--weird--I turned it off part way through. Good luck with the house!
Love you!

jill s said...

so glad you're enjoying work!!

i can't wait to have you visit MY HOUSE...in less than a week!!!

YEAH! :)

Tim and Amy said...

Keep us posted on the house thing. Glad you enjoy work so much!

riggsfam said...

Sounds like you've got some cute personalities at work! Hopefully you hear back on that house! I hate the waiting game!

rachel said...

Hey Mindy!!! I'm great, going to be an elementary school teacher come May!! What about you what are you up to, little newly wed?! Put some wedding pictures up:)