accomplishing what?

.pictures finally on the wall. check.

.clean bathroom/kitchen floors finally. check.

.clean front room. in process.

.clean bedroom. to be done.

.pick up all articles of clothing. including shoes. to be done.

.attempt to take couch to goodwill. wanted to be gone long ago.

.take other random junk to goodwill. tomorrow.

.grocery shopping because we have no food. tomorrow.

.exercise because i'm gaining weight. pronto.

.make l.o.n.d.o.n. wood letters and decorate. this weekend. {for john & savannahs baby}

.print pictures of michigan & all wedding pictures. this month.

.have mike clean his "airplane" space. never gonna happen.

well i take things one at a time. for you multi taskers {as oprah likes to call it} i'm not like you.

.Tagged by Kelli. now.

6 QuIrKs.... 6 FrIeNds....

1. i'm so organized any place but home.
2. i eat ketchup with way too many things.
3.i can't stand when people chomp gum. or slurp cereal.
4. i have to match. but i'm slowly coming out of this phase.
5. sadly i pick out peoples spelling errors. sorry friends. and family.
6. when i get in a cleaning mood; i just HAVE to clean. its a feeling i love. because its a rare occasion.

now i tag: jill. amy. traci. laura. suzanne. micah.


riggsfam said...

Sounds like a good to-do list! Have fun checking things off!

Traci said...

Wow...what a list! Have fun! :)

laura. said...

nice list. have fun with that! haha.

Mom said...

You're being pretty ambitious! Good luck! Nice work!

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

piece of crap! 2 ppl tagged me for tht quirks thing...guess ill have to get on that maybe later today? tonight? tomorrow? haha.
do you get those wooden letters at michaels? i think i may do that for christmas for hayley. it would be so cute! but i may just do " M n M" cause that is her initials.
how are you?

kate lines; said...

dear mindI, :)
sorry about today- really. but i'm glad you were there. insurance has been called, claims have been filed, door handles have fallen off, cowgirls in big trucks have lied about what happened. all in all, pretty good afternoon.


nice list, you help me next week, i'll help you..... oh and the payment we previously discussed, you get first pick-in's of my throw away pile. haha, AND i'll buy you lunch. ka-peesh?
(i mean throw-away pile in the best way possible, basically clothes i'm too fat for, and decorations i don't have room for.. sigh)


Tim and Amy said...

you are too funny. maybe if you start cleaning the airplane space - he'll take over because you aren't doing it right or something! :o) just a thought.

um, kate - can i come over?! i want cute decorations & clothes! :o)