friday sept 21 2007

Our first date was one year ago.

mike had our mutual friend call me and see if i would go on a date with him. i said yes. then he called me and covered the details. he said he didn't know what we were gonna do. {he knew}

He asked me for directions & when i told him to go left and then turn right at that stop sign and just go down the street, he was a little surprised that i lived THAT close. we counted 12 houses away. haha. {he had lived here for almost 2 years}

so he pulls up in his big white truck. he's wearing wranglers and a red plaid shirt. and his justin boots. i was wearing jeans and my brown/cream polka dot shirt. we headed over to Petes house.

and thats when i found out we were going to the middle of the desert to watch Arachnaphobia. with pete and steph, jon bevans & his date, and Doug Adamson and Michelle Pulsipher(she was the mutual friend, whose house we chatted at about 2 weeks prior)

So we each drove out there seperate. He brought a blanket that he layed out in the back of his truck so we could sit and watch the movie. So the movie started {this is not a movie i enjoyed when i was younger...as i am still terrified of spiders, and it was pitch black outside} It then started to rain outside...which i didn't care about but the other couples jumped up and all ran under an umbrella. after it kept on raining...mike decided we would join them. once it stopped raining, the movie resumed.

As we were sitting in the back of his truck....it seemed he wanted to hold my hand. i can't explain it in words, but i could tell by the way he was acting. & accidentally hitting my leg. so we ended up sitting against the side of the truck, and he somehow used his trickery and to hold my hand. on the first date. i couldn't believe it. to this day i tell him it was trickery.

i would have never done that on purpose. haha.

saturday night we went to dinner with patrick & kelli. we had to do SOMETHING special.

we were supposed to go to the desert and watch a movie with a lot of people....but the guys had gone camping/fishing friday-sat. and were too wiped out. wimps :)

anyways...yesterday i asked mike why he asked me on a second date...or wanted to continue seeing me...he said well how bout you? I said... You listened, and for some wierd reason i felt like i could talk to you about anything and everything. you made me feel like i had never felt before.

so here's to first dates that lead to forever. {love you mike.}

p.s. this isn't one of those "we are perfect posts"...don't even think it.


riggsfam said...

Arachnaphobia...how romantic :)


Cute story. It's fun to think back to when it was just dating and getting to know each other huh. Marcus and I were doing that yesterday too. Good ole times!

Tim and Amy said...

you crack me up.

and i still picture that scene every once in a while - where the spider comes down on the lady in the SHOWER!

anyway. happy 1 year together. (it doesn't sound like you made mike answer - i think you should.)

laura. said...

Arachnaphobia? very nice.
Happy one year!!

Mom said...

I'm glad you got to go out Saturday night. Fun to hear about your first date and the details you remember! So what is Mike's answer to why he asked you out again?

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

and can you believe it's now turned in to forever? isnt that so weird. its weird to think about how little you knew the person but somehow, you ended up knowing everything about them and trusting them.
so here's to first dates that end up as forever!!!