what makes me happy.

first. listen to this song. i tried embedding it. but it wouldn't work. really...listen to it. it inspired me today.

i decided i needed to tell you all what makes me happy. and grateful. i have posts full of complaints. thats not what i am all about. so here it goes.

  1. Mike; his hugs. he never yells. he is frugal. he loves me just the way i am. i love how he supports me no matter what.
  2. Music; it makes me laugh. cry. happy. sad. music is so important to me. and singing.
  3. Family; yes. they make my life so much better. they listen. they tell me what i need to hear. even if i don't want to hear it.
  4. Friends; yes...you. listening ears. non-judgemental. shopping. lunch dates.
  5. Little children; its true. they make me smile. i was in line tonight buying dinner for myself, and this mom and her little kids were in front of me and the mom said...she dressed herself today- i feel like i need to tell people that. Her kids were adorable! i think its so great that children have this power to make me smile. i don't care where or what we're doing. i love kids. babies, toddlers, whatever. this section includes my cute nieces and nephews too.
  6. Flowers; they calm me. gerberas, dahlias, a beautiful flower just soothes me. i should go buy some tonight.
  7. Seeing a loved one after months of not being able to see them. this makes me cry happy tears. the only time i EVER cry happily. really. so when my sisters come to visit i am ecstatic. i wanna spend all my time hanging out with them. this leads to the next...
  8. Internet; without it, my phone bill would be sky rocketing. this is how i stay connected with my siblings. in and out of state. not sure what i'd do if i didnt have it.
  9. Church and hymns and connections there. makes it so much easier having sweet people there who i know so well. love it.
  10. Short trips. If mike was gone any longer...i'd really go nuts. i miss him already. and no i'm not trying to be cheesy lovey dovey. but this is the longest i've gone without him.

SO. go. think about what makes you grateful. what makes you happy. this isn't everything that makes me happy. the list goes on. enjoy your night.

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jill s said...

ok. i exited out of the song.
maybe i'll listen to it another time...lol.

i love your list.

i can't wait have you come and visit next month!!

love you!


Traci said...

Good song! Love the list!!

Tim and Amy said...

what a beautiful song. i really like it.

cute post.

riggsfam said...

We're glad you're happy. Nothing like a Michael Buble song to sooth the soul.

Mom said...

It was so fun having you spend some time here today! And to have you singing made us both happy! I enjoyed it!! Love you!

kate lines; said...

thought i commented on this.