just another day in paradise


first off. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sage :) 4 is one of my favorite ages. {really.}

second. this is my second day being off work. monday afternoon i got a bad headache & nausea and threw up on my way home from work. {sorry if thats tmi.}

so i've been semi nauseous off and on for 2 days. so much fun. and random mild achey head.
i'm taking ginseng root pills now. {thanks to mikes mom being into health and everything. i really hope it helps.}

on a better note...mike is super sweet & came home for lunch today. and took my car to get a quote from his friend on getting my dent fixed. and is stayin late changing my oil.

um. lets see. how are you? how is your life? i would like to get to know all of you better.
please tell me something i do NOT know about you. this should be fun.

and i got tagged!

Tag: NaMe 7 ThInGs YoU wOuLd NeVeR sAy!

Mike- can we go flying today?

OH no...why did you put ketchup on that?!
Mike- i really wish you would think about planes more.

Can i have more green beans?!
i don't like kids
I love my feet.
Mike- can we watch hot rod? hahaha
7 things Mike would never say:

i would rather stay here with you than fly with landon
Mindy- could you grill some hamburgers?
do i look good in this?
YES...my airplane broke. woohoo
yes, i would love to go see the sisterhood of the traveling pants with you.
no mindy...i'm full...i dont want any more food :)

i tag: Jill, Amy, Traci &Lindsay


jill s said...

i can't wait to have you here lou!!!

i'll do the tag...it just might take me a couple days!


Tim and Amy said...

haha. love the tag!

hope you are feeling better soon!

riggsfam said...

haha. I'll do the tag...soon :)

Tim and Amy said...

we need to touch base again! got your message. i'm a little confused chica! :o)

Traci said...

Hope you get feeling better!!!