well. this may come as a little bit of a surprise.

if you are one of the 6+ that already know. sorry.

i quit my nannying job.
and now i
{breathe a sigh of relief}

*i had convinced myself it was good. probably because of the money i was bringing in.
*i had convinced myself that i began to enjoy driving 40 minutes each way.
*i had convinced myself that i enjoyed working 11 hour days.
*i had convinced myself that everything was dandy.
*i had convinced myself that my headaches & nausea had to be something else.

but much to my surprise {or not} it was stress. tension headaches.
*stress from not being able to get things done at home.
*stress from working 55-60 hour weeks.
*stress from eating organic food all day {haha}
*stress from their stress stressing me out while i was home not feeling good.
*stress from not being able to make my house perfect because i was tired after a 12 hour day.

SO. here i am. i wish i could say i feel 100% better. but my shoulders hurt. and i've had a bit of a headache today. i am here hanging out with my paparooni while mi madre is in Michigan. its nice to not have to worry about waking up at 5. or driving far. or not being able to make my hubby dinner.
**thank you jill for pushing me to make that call i was terrified to make & understanding.
{its been a fun adventurous week} or not.

i'm super excited to work at the gilbert schools again. and have benefits & holidays off. and time to DECORATE our lil place.

i'm still trying to find a song to post. give me a few minutes. thanks for listening to me ramble & rant & complain. here are some of the things i've been missing a lot since i started that job...

Random crafts for babyshowers...or scrapbooking just for myself. i love it.

I also love having enough time to make the house looks nice & tidy. its a rare occasion. but yesterday i got to do all the dishes, clean our room, put away all the clothes, come to my parents and do all my laundry, clean up the bathroom. it felt so good.but i want to decorate more and organize more.

BUT most of all...i'm excited to spend more time with my hubby & stay up a little later watching movies. i KNOW he's excited i won't be getting irritated trying to go to sleep early :)
{this pic was taken on our drive home from our 1 day honeymoon...both not feeling so well :)}


Traci said...

I'm glad you did....and now you can be happier :) Love ya!

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

i was very tempted to take a nannying job in Utah when I graduated high school and I didnt for those reasons. I would've been living with the family and working 24 hrs a day with their children...kids need parents, not nannies, 24 hrs a day. there are times people get lucky when they nanny and they find a great family, no stress, regular hours, etc...but most of those parents are workaholics and expect A LOT from their nannies.
im glad you're happier now. :)

riggsfam said...

Looks like you're making good use of your time! Cute pillows on your bed! Hope you're much happier at Houston!

Brandon & Jillyn Larsen said...

hey mindy, i've never personally met you, but i guess you know my brother randy?! i went to school with your sister traci, and i was tawni's YCL at camp. we probably have alot of mutual friends but have never met. small world. anyway just wanted to say hi and tell you how stinking cute you are! and how excited and happy you've made mikey! you two make an attractive couple!!! hope you meet you in person one day!!! congrats on quitting a stressful job...its such a relief right?! tell mikey hi


Sheesh that sounds like a relief! I was a nanny and know how dang hard it can be! Your situation was much more stressful then mine was too it sounds like. Its hard to see the parents not be there with the kids and how they expect you to be able to just jump right in and fill their shoes and responsibilities. That's awesome you are going back to the schools. Will you get to work with kate?

Tim and Amy said...

sorry i missed this post. your bed is adorable. enjoy your free time girlie. and enjoy spending more time with your hubby! love ya.

jill s said...

it's nice to hear you sound happy again girlie.

i LOVE the picture of your room! SO cute!

and your page is awesome too.

love you + can't wait to have you here!!!!!!!


kate lines; said...

yeeeeeeeah, can't wait, can't wait! we are gonna have so much fun.

kate lines; said...

i deleted my blog {on accident}
regretfully introducing...



Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

yes, she is named after my down syndrome friend, haley. she passed away when i was 12.
by the way, i LOVE those decorations at the end of your post. ive been wanting to do something like that for hayley's room but most places, they are way expensive. maybe someday soon. :)

Tim and Amy said...

love the new header! so cute.

and best of luck in your interview today! love ya!

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

her room is brown and pink. and her middle name is noelle. so MNM are her initials. :)
how much are the letters? i would love that!

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

how much would it be if i did her whole name? cause i was thinking theyre like $7 a piece at least and thatd be expensive to do her whole first name. initials would be cheaper. but if its not that expensive, id be fine to do her whole name. haha. what do you think?

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

ok, then i can just give you $12 and we can do her initials. :)

Mom said...

I'm glad you're happier and have some time for you! Love you!