new day. new breath of fresh air.

i had an interview at Harris Elementary today.
{houston elm was full}

i went in and she said it wasn't so much an interview as it was to see if i wanted the position.
i have to go take an academic test on friday in phoenix, if i pass- i get the job.
its a math, reading, and writing test.

i will probably be working in the Autism preschool. i'm excited.
i could potentially start the beginning of next week.

mike is feeling {blue}. fever [103], swollen glands, no bueno. never seen him like this before. he said he has never missed a day of work for being sick until today. soooo...this means he really doesn't feel good. he leaves for utah thurs night though...so he better get well soon!

so things are looking up. hopefully i can get a fast start on this job.

p.s. i finally made my own header.


Brandon & Jillyn Larsen said...

Good luck with the test!

jill s said...

good luck on the test!
i hope you love your new job!

and your header is so cute! :)

riggsfam said...

Way to go on the header! Good luck with the job! That would be a great position!

Mom said...

your header is so cute! Glad you got the job at Harris! Thanks for the ride home!! Hope Mike's doing better soon!

kate lines; said...

yeeeeeeah, new job. and i love the header! its adorable, good job!

mindy- don't be jealous. really, all my stuff is old and on the verge of falling apart.


Hope your Hubby is feeling better. Good luck with the job. That would be a really rewarding job I bet! Your header is really cute. How creative

Tim and Amy said...

whats the secret to making your own header? i'm the only one that can't seem to do it.

best of luck on friday. you'll rock it. hope mike feels better very sooN!

Traci said...

Cute header! Good Luck w/the test! I hope you like Harris! ;) Hope Mike feels better SOON and if you need someone to hang out with this weekend I'm here :)

laura. said...

woot-woot. nannying sucks {at least i think thats what you did} i guess not sucks just not the greatest job know to man.

... may i say i love my name on the side of your blog. laura aka teesh, you really got this down. haha. good luck on your test! holler!

laura. said...

edit** not know to man cause im pretty sure men arent nannies, thats kinda weird. i meant known to women.