crossing my fingers

i got a call from HOUSTON elm today.

they want me. {i knew it}

they offered me a position in the SPICE program. {autism preschool}

and they are trying to get the paperwork done pronto to see if HR calls me and offers me the job fast. {so i can call harris and tell them i got in at houston}

so i am more than thrilled to say that i may be working with
{KATE} and everyone else i love so much there.

so here is to a great day. hoping everything works out and i don't have to go spend $65 to take a test to say how smart {or not} i am.

thanks houston. i knew you loved me. deep deep down.

p.s. sorry for so many posts.


riggsfam said...

Awesome news!!! Good luck!

jill s said...

SWEET!! SO happy for you girlie.

Tim and Amy said...

wahoo! and i didn't know kate worked at houston? i thought she worked at uop!? i'm confused. different kate?

ciao chica

Traci said...

Sweet! Hope it works out!!!

laura. said...

holler! go mindy i knew you had in ya. haha! you and katey will have a blast. good job, woot woot.


kate lines; said...

i am so excited. we're gonna party.

amy: just quit UoP, i'm starting at houston next week!