year in review!

Sweet Emerson turning one!
cute riley turning one!

having to learn & change my tire. (mike should be proud)
Nannying for some STINKIN CUTE KIDS!!! & going on trips with them! Krones are GREAT! they moved, miss them!

bad hair cut: or at least a hair cut i wasn't expecting!!

amy's graduation in dec & spending time with siblings (missed you jilly)

oh sweet sage. and our matching dresses.
time with jill...

accidentally twins? nahh, she wanted to be like me...i swear :)

Meeting the man of my dreams...and him sweeping me off my feet :)
its been a good year. i mean... considering all the GOOD things that have happened!!! it makes it quite easy to overlook all the things that weren't so lovely.... i miss all of you out of state. and you in-state people...hope to see you more :) and CAN'T WAIT. 4 weeks. thats it. 4 weeks. but i'll see some of you in 3. YAY. it came very quickly. i'm getting MARRIED. in FOUR {4} weeks.


jill s said...

LOVE this lou!!!

3 weeks from tomorrow and i'll be there stealing your bed! :)

and maybe begging for the last foot massage from you...haha!

riggsfam said...

Fun to look back! I'm sure these last few weeks will fly!

Tim & Amy said...

love all those pics. fun post!

(went on a 3 hour hike today - told tim i need a foot massage... and his reply? 'too bad mindy isn't here' :o)) I thought you might like that.

love ya!
4 weeks! WAHOO!

mindy said...

that is hilarious amy! hahaha

Mom said...

Fun memories! Only 26 days! It will fly by!