sometimes the past should stay the past.

Kate tagged all readers. so i'll do it.

20 years ago:
1. my mom was anticipating my birth, in 6 weeks.
2. probably kicking
3. did i mention, my brother wanted to have a brother. and was probably dreading my birth. ha

10 years ago:
1. hm. 4th grade.
2. playing with Kalli & neighborhood kids, until the street lights came on.
3. my hair was short. nothings changed.

5 years ago:
1. probably hating life.
2. didn't get along with traci.
3. enjoying HS. mostly i think.

3 years ago:
1. junior year. crushing on all the seniors.
2. size 2. ohhh that was nice.
3. hanging out with tawni. all the time.

1 year ago:
1. i was head over heals for the wrong guy.
2. quit the LTFCC
3.started working at Houston Elementary.

so far this year:
1. fell madly in love with Mike.
2. went on a no sugar bet with my Amy, Jill & kelly. Me & amy are left now :)
3. getting healthier. been sick a LOT less.

1. Layed out with Kate, for an hour n a half
2. Kate found my flower for my wedding. White w/ Pink & black heart gerbera daisy & we walked to AJs and saw it! woohoo
3. mom sent out our ANNOUNCEMENTS :)

1. had VERIZON issues. i'm still bitter. i was late to work because i was on the phone with them.
2. visited mike at work.
3. gonna get some grub & watch american idol with my future-husband-to-be-in-24days!

in the next year:
1. I'll hopefully be working at UOP. making more money. and going back to school
2. Get into a house
3. Get in shape. and START working out!

i tag all my sisters. DO IT.


mindy said...

Very fun post! I was excited 20 years ago as your arrival was getting closer! Love you!

Mom said...

ok-I did it again! That was Mom posting that last comment!

riggsfam said...

ryan forgives you for being a girl :)

Tim & Amy said...


i'll get to it soon.

lindsay - you are a sister & should be considered tagged! :o)

Landon and Kate said...

way to go.
20 years ago mindy, think about it, the year from zero to one counts as a year....


riggsfam said...

thanks, amy...wasn't sure

jill s said...

love it lou!! :)

i still remember being at grans when we got the phone call that you were born!