as time is becoming scarce

i am finally done.

i have nothing else to look for.

nothing else to plan.

i am done.

okay i lied. i have to paint 5 frames white.

and buy a few frames.

but thats it. thats IT.

i just did my last bit of ribbon buying yesterday.

we did my bridal shots yesterday. and OH boy it was great.

{thanks traci & kate}

we went into Target after- yes, in my wedding dress! and it was HILARIOUS.

anyways. it was a fun day.

Traci & kate will both be posting on their photography blogs soon. i think. :)


Tim & Amy said...

FUN! gorgeous girl. glad everything is set for the wedding! get the painting done soon so you don't stress close to the wedding! :o)

Bruce & Chanteal said...

Hey I still want an invite!

251 S. Olive St.
Mesa, AZ 85204

riggsfam said...

I bet that's a good feeling!

jill s said...

SO happy you're not stressing.
can't wait to be there!!