the funny thing is...

we did it. for 50 days. no sugar. way to go amy. we did it. and quit together.

we will restart in 3 weeks. after the family festivities are over.

last night, i was so excited to eat a piece of mike/Jays ICE CREAM CAKE, that i was on my way inside the house from the backyard... i failed to realize the glass door was shut.

therefore- i nailed the glass door at an angle. i hit the edge of my right eye & my right knee.
yes my knee has a bruise.

i was DYING laughing. i figured...why be embarrassed? if someone was video taping- i could have made it on funniest home videos.

well, most of the people were inside playing the Wii. so i stayed outside with mike and a few other friends for a while instead of getting cake. well, brooke & Jay open the door & Jay says" oh i'm really sorry about that, i just windexed it today!" hahaha. it was funny.

but then our friend spencer hit their light cover on their fan while playing Wii tennis. and broke it.

i didn't feel so bad after.

ANYWAYS... 11 days my friends. 11 days.

i have eleven more single days in my life. well not-married-yet-days.

last time i checked it was december 22nd, and i had just gotten engaged. man how time flies.


jill s said...

yeah. so quitting together...that means there is no winner.

i'll be there on saturday!!!

i can't wait to be there and help you with the last bit of wedding stuff!!!!!

Traci said...

HILARIOUS about the door! can't believe it's coming SOOO soon!! WOOHOO!

Tim & Amy said...

lame bet. we both lost weight though.

too fun! hilarious about the glass door. you seriously crack me up. WAY too excited for cake!

see you NEXT WEEK!