so soon?

YES. alright. i need to start up a bet again. YES i want my wedding day w/sugar. and maybe the honeymoon.

but i already feel fatter and its only been a few days with sugar/soda.

i have no will power to do it on my own.

so...who is with me? honestly...i'm horrible. i can't believe it. just because i can- i do. its bad.

sooooo....any takers?

p.s. 9 days...


jill s said...

take care of your beautiful self lou!! :)

i can't believe only 2 more sleeps and we'll be there!!!

johnson family said...

i eat it all just b/c i can too...how about after your honeymoon, we all start up the bet again??

Tim & Amy said...

lets start up again! i'm all for it. but lets give it a good month break. :O)

Traci said...

maybe i'll try...since i'm supposed to anyways. :) Can't believe it's coming SOOO fast!

Landon and Kate said...

4 days woot-woot!
sorry i am SO bad at leaving comments, my manager always sneaks up behind me and wants to see peoples blogs! werido.

see you today.

Landon and Kate said...

oh and i want to do that bet with you guys again... i have already gone a week (kinda.)