man alive.

i think this wins.

one of the most emotional weeks of my life.

and i'm already wishing it was over.

mood swings? yes. {thanks to being a girl}

crying? yes. {thanks to being a girl}

lots of things to get done? yes.

stressed? yes.

things to buy? yes.

frames to paint? yes.

problems to resolve? yes.

i think - that i wish - that it was FRIDAY already.

so yes. although the week leading up to anyones wedding is an emotionally stressful one...i don't think that cramps or pms really helps at all :)

am i right?

ha. hopefully its all amazing & friday comes quickly. and going to Cali for a week.

thanks for everyone who is helping. i promise, i do appreciate it. A LOT.

p.s. i'm really not sorry for complaining. ok. i am a little. but really... i had to. :)


jill s said...

love you lou.

johnson family said...

lucky you have the best sister EVER there to help you out! things will calm down soon and you will have a gorgeous, fabulous, crying happy tears day! I wish you all the best!

Micah & J.D. said...

how exciting that you're getting married so soon! ahh you will love it. it's the best! you look so happy:)

riggsfam said...

Need help with anything??

Traci said...

love you & hope it all goes perfectly...try not to stress...:)