decorate. then leave.

so i finally got my pictures up on the wall...my little wall collage of frames- my 5. and my H. got my big sweet clock hung up on the wall. cleaned the kitchen/bathroom floors. figuring since we hadn't heard back on that house that we might be here for a while.

not so.

today. things changed. we have a contract on the house. closing date: nov.30.
{if the nannying people could just email the check to my lawyer.now would be a good time}

who is extremely thrilled and ecstatic? me.
who wants a new table pronto? me.
who wants to buy decorations & paint? me.
who wishes it was tomorrow? me.

mike said when we got married "i wanna be in a house within 6 months"
may. june. july. aug. sept. oct. NOV. pretty dang close.

time flew by a TAD quickly. oh i could just jump for joy.

if anyone knows of a cute kitchen table/chairs someone is getting rid of....or very very cheap. please inform me. && couches. coffee table.
(i have a bachelor pad one - i hate it, i can't even paint it and make it look good & it only fits 2)

i'm helping kate paint their new place on monday. and helping her move some stuff over.
that will be so fun.

anyways. check back soon for pics of my 5. blanket. && wood board i did in MI.


riggsfam said...

That is so exciting! I'm in the furniture painting mode myself. What's the five for by the way (sorry if I'm out of touch on that one)? Did Kate and Landon buy a place?

Mom said...

November 30th! Exciting! You will have so much fun fixing up your new home!!

Stoddard's said...

you still haven't got your check? crazy people, oh where are you getting a house at? i need to get together with you guys!

kate lines; said...

can't wait, i propsed the "flower" idea to landon and he liked it. werid, he actaully said "i like it" (so much for husbands with no sense of style.)
p.s. sending the pictures as we speak... or rather as i type this.

Traci said...

Congratulations!!! Very exciting!

Tim and Amy said...

congrats on the new place. are you going to tell us more about it? 2 bed 1 bath - 5 bed 5 bath... where?! is this the fixer upper? are you doing the work before you move or after? you need to call me girl!

WAHOO for you guys! I'm very excited for you. Thanksgiving weekend will be final packing!

laura. said...

holler. november 30th!
nicely done.
and you still havent got that check? dang..
have fun helping kate i wish it were my fall break today.. i would be there helping you guys.
have fun!


Millie said...

I am so happy and jealous you are getting a house!! That is awesome! Why did you guys move to Michigan? I think that is so awesome.