ok. amy asked for details of the house. so i'll expand...just a house sounds kinda bland.

It is a white house with a dark greenish trim. built in '84.

3 bedroom/2 bath.

vaulted ceiling in front living room.

29x9 family room. {this was an add on}

kitchen has new corion[sp?} countertops & sink. needs cupboards painted. desperately.

LAUNDRY ROOM! i'm so thrilled to have a room for our washing machine & hook up for our dryer. [right now our washing machine is hooked up in the kitchen & our dryer is covered in our front room...ugh]

2 car garage. mikes requirement.

rv gate. mikes requirement.

Pergula in the back yard...i know i spelled that wrong.

fire pit. its old. and kinda ghetto.

so there you are with details.

ok. so i realize i have 1.5 months left before we move in but i need your opinion.

kitchen: dishes are all black & white. we will have a black kitchen table. we have one wall to paint in the kitchen. it has a white chair rail---
& i have a big clock {it says Hermann clock company} i will hang in that area too...above the table.

so should i paint the top half this color or the bottom half?

Next: My scrapbook room :) i am going to do this design myself:

now i will only be painting one wall in that room i think--- should it be this color?Keep in mind the colors will be Sabrina Ward Harrison theme- my art & her book pages framed. & my dandelion on that wall. (i'm not really a green kind of person...color wise...but open to blues) so any suggestions?

i am also wondering if i should paint the big 29x9 room...if so what color? my couch is brown, with funky green & burnt orange pillows with off white designs on them{ikea}. mustard yellow 5. ect.

oh and check Kates Blog for our craft day we had on monday.


jill s said...

purple on top! LOVE all of your ideas!!!

i know it will be SO cute!

Mom said...

Your ideas are great! And your shirts are cute! Kate's wall you did looks good!

Madsen Family said...

those colors you picked are awesome! I only have one suggestion.... don't feel you have to listen at all if you don't want. The family room sounds pretty narrow. So I wouldn't do it a dark color on any of the walls in there because it will make it feel more closed in. Thats my suggestion. I am LOVING that plumb color!

Traci said...

I say purple on bottom...cute design for the scrap room!

kate lines; said...

i say. purple on top, love the orange for the craft room, but i would go a shade or two lighter. just my thoughts.
back to the real world tomorrow. boo.

riggsfam said...

Bummer that Mike shot down my perfect idea for the plumb kitchen. I think your orange is great, but considering what the room will be down the road, I'd make it a little lighter.

Tim and Amy said...

how in the world am i the LAST person to see this post?! i SWEAR i checked over the weekend. i'm totally confused.

okay. thank you my dear for the details! :o)

i say purple on the bottom - and a grey-tan on top... that way you can use black and purple (and whatever other colors) as accents in things you hang on the wall.

um.. and i'd say a tan color for the long room - something light enough to make the room look open - since i know its SUPER long.. but not as wide?! just ideas. can't wait to see pics! :o) i'm SO excited for you guys.

Kelli said...

Patrick and I are actually going out to his parents house for Halloween, they have a tradition thing...Haha. What are you guys doing for Halloween? We probably won't stay out there all night. Maybe we could all do something this Friday. How are you feeling?

Bekah said...

i love your new blog title.

passing along some things i've learned. pick more nuetral colors to paint and accent with all the bright bold colors. be very picky make sure you LOVE it before you paint it.

as for your scrapbook room pick a color that abseloutely inspires you. wander through a scrapbook store and buy the paper that "speaks to you" take them home and hang them up around your house. think a lot about the colors and how they make you feel. i think the colors in your house are a really big deal. they set a mood and a tone for your day and your life and reflect who you are and the message you want to send to others.

Sage and Kelly said...

do you want to come decorate our house when we get one? even thinking about it is exhausts me!