everything is fine.

house inspection went well.

but as for painting my house. with suggestions & honest opinions...i have decided to start checking the OOPS paint at home depot. until i find a color i like.

at $5 a gallon. {so jill says} how could i go wrong?

i figure i could find a cool, random color for my scraproom.
then a natural, yet different, color for the kitchen.

p.s. i wore my boots to work & didnt realize how much attention i was drawing...no no..not from the look...from the sound of walking on the hard floors there. principal even looked down at me to see what was bringing about that abnoxious noise while we were walking & said....nice boots.

p.p.s. tonight we will be going to a few halloween parties. i am a flower & mike is a bee. i will surely post as soon as i get my hand on the camera cord. i think mike will look funny. are you picturing him right now? headband with little antennas? with those tiny pom poms at the ends? & i made him a stinger. oh boy.

yeah...i'm sure you're laughing if ya pictured that. haha.

enjoy your night.


riggsfam said...

Definitely a funny mental picture. We just returned some pretty brown paint to Home Depot tonight! Go get it! :)

Traci said...

Great idea! I can't wait to see pictures!!!! haha


ha ha that cracks me up that he's going to dress up like a bee... you guys are funny. and that's so awesome you guys are getting into a house. good luck with that!

Tim and Amy said...

yes, oops paint is the way to go! we got the blue for our dining room there - 5 bucks. green for our 1/2 bath there - 3 bucks. two 5-gallon buckets of tannish-grey which is now covering our guest bedroom and the main room on the main level! oops paint is the way to go.. as long as you aren't in a rush - and you are flexible with colors! :o) i would run out right now & get the paint lindsay returned though!

can't wait to see pics of your costumes! sounds very entertaining!

Kelli said...

Mindy..Im anxiously awaiting pictures of your costumes. And I really really loved your house. Is gonna be awesome! Im so happy for you guys!