mmm YES

a productive day.

yeahhh thats right. MINDY -- had a productive day. thank you.

and it feels good.

i woke up at 7:45. took mike to work. yeah i know i'm a great wife. paha. not. (he is working on the ranger tranny & selling his Ford)

THEN...i came home & got dressed for reals. (you know, job searching clothes...slacks & a nice shirt)

and then i went to my parents house. they left this morning for good ol' san diego, so the house was vacant.

and i printed off a few resumes. found my letters of recommendation, etc. {and YES mom i forgot to leave the camera cord & cd -->oops}

then i took my starving husband some lunch. and his other co-workers & boss. hmmf. (good think little caesars is cheap!)

SO. then i went to try & put some checks in the bank. but to my dismay. Jon wasn't working. our friend, who could put mikes checks in for me. ugh.

THEN. i had to go and get my emissions tested. yup 27 something dollars. hate that. but woohoo for saving the air. GO GREEN! {did i mention i hate almost everything that is green. food that is. ugh. just a side note guys. sorry. but i am a hippy & i like wearing shirts like DO YOUR PART & Save the World} mmhmm. yeah mike calls me his hippy wife.

SO anyways...that got awkward...sorry bout that.

THEN. i went to Gilbert Pediatrics. i thought i knew where it was. but had to call traci to the rescue on her comp. and i found it. {just in time too. 2:05. suzanne ;maughans- look at her cute baby...my friend who suggested the job- would be there at 2:10 for her new babies appt. So. i got to see her cute new baby & pic up the job application. wooh.}

alright. i have a headache now. so i'm done. i need h2O.
have a lovely evening. and go enjoy your green veggies you all love so well.


Traci said...

Ok...you're weird :) But I love ya!
Sounds like a nice day :) Hope your headache goes away. (Go enjoy some green beans) HAHAHA

jill s said...

loved the breakdown of your day...

i'm glad you had a good one.

you a hippy? if mike came and visited us he'd never call you one again...lol.

kate lines. said...

sounds like a fabulous day. heres mine.
1. woke up at 4:30
2. drove to work.
3. talked to stupid people from kentucky all day.
4. drove home

very exciting. and no offense to people in kentucky.

riggsfam said...

It would be fun to work at a Pediatric office!

And, yeah...how are you a hippie?

Tim & Amy said...

as tim says- mindy is on crack.

i think you are cute.

tim & i had a discussion about hippies this morning. 'true' hippies are people who don't have computers! is that funny? i was kind of getting annoyed by his definition... but you can be earth friendly and not be an extreme hippy!

best of luck in the job search.

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

i hope you get the job with me. and i am so glad we got to see you at our drs appt. i would have to agree, she is a doll, then again, she is MY daughter so I am quite biased. :)
good luck with the job search and ill be crossing my fingers for you to get a job at gilbert ped's. :)

Mom said...

You are funny! Glad you had a productive day! I don't think you're a hippy! Jill maybe, but not you!