whistle while you work.

or don't.

i am job searching for the first time since Sept of '05.

and oh boy. i'm only one week in. haha.

i applied at University of Phoenix.

maybe at Mcqueen Park Activity Center.

here's the key...i need benefits.

anyone have a great job- or KNOW someone else with a great job...that is HIRING?

:) thanks. really

p.p.s. THANK YOU jill for my sweet new header :) love it


Tim & Amy said...

yeah for being first! :o)

LOVE the new header. so great.

and best of luck job hunting. just remember to keep your head high & confidence up (but not too high - lol) and you'll find something! :o)

riggsfam said...

Definitely love the header. Seriously, try Desert Schools...full benefits for part time employees (that means minimum 20 hours a week.)

kate. said...

sorry i'm the worst friend ever.

or maybe the best one, because i used to have a friend called mindI and maybe she is still in my heart.
i love all mindy(i)'s.

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

oh mindy, you can come work with me! well, technically, im on maternity leave so im not working right now but i do still have a job. :) and we dont pay a penny for our insurance. it's lovely! i still work at my dad's office as a receptionist so let me know if you would want to work there. i can see if they're hiring (i wouldnt know cause i was on bedrest for 2 months and now maternity leave for 6 weeks)

by the way, how is the married life?!!!

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

ok. its called gilbert pediatrics. the office to apply is on Greenfield and Baseline. the northeast side in the Greenfield Medical Plaza Suite 108. Just go in and ask for an app. and you can even sit and fill it out there and hand it back. its ok not to ask if they're hiring because the receptionists never know (including me! haha). but you can take your resume too if you want. If you get the job, you'd work either at that office or there's another office (the one i work at) on Pecos and Power Rd.

Any more questions? =)

it'd be SO COOL if you worked with me!!!

Mom said...

I love your header! Good luck with the job hunting. I'm in there with you! I need to finish my resume still! You're ahead of me!

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

if you go get the app around 2:10pm, we have an appt for Hayley at that office and you can meet her if youre there. :) and yes, tell them that i sent you. it could help. you never know. :)

jill s said...

sweet! i love the new header too! ;)

good luck job hunting!!