7 days down...

a bagillion to go.

i am the new full time Elder Family Nanny.

bye bye old nanny.

well, i was originally supposed to work 2 weeks, and then a few days a week for the month of july, until their previous nanny started nursing school. and then she would be my backup nanny.

now this is not the case. the twins spilled the beans about the nanny disciplining the 2 1/2 yr old in ways the parents specifically said not to.

anyways...i'm THE nanny now. and the kids love me. well more than the previous anyways.

so. things are going well. i'm gonna make lots of money & hoping to go visit the Scripps in august at some point. or maybe september. but i WILL get there.
but i dont have a backup nanny now :S

SO...i'm really excited! It's pretty easy...i've got the 10 am naps down to an art.
and i sing Do a Dear a female deer....etc SO many times a day. and ABC's & Twinkle Twinkle, & struggling to make up a 123 song.

They are the cutest kids. notice i didn't say THE cutest kids, just the. big difference.

no t.v. allowed. all organic food. {does anyone know me?} umm. no using the microwave. all bottled water. dishes. cooking. reading. playing. teaching. singing. laughing. coloring. {did i mention she asks for Oh oh oh? Shania Twain. yes, we sing & dance to shania twains oh oh oh song...daily. love it.}

its going well. all except i'm STARVING at the end of each day. haha.

Here's the song i chose to fit this post. jill- its my babysitting song.


Traci said...

SO glad everything is going well still. I hope you'll get some days off! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song! :)

riggsfam said...

Sounds like some strict rules! Glad you're loving it though!

jill s said...

so happy for you!

and i clicked stop as soon as i clicked play. i can't listen to that song. i cry everytime. that's how you always got sage to sleep when she was a baby. **sniff**

they are lucky to have such a great nanny. :)

i miss you.

come and see me in september! it will be beautiful out and we'll have so much fun.

Mom said...

I love the song and video you picked!
I'm glad you're enjoying your nannying! Of course they love you! Now they need to find a back-up person so you can have some time off once in a while. (What does the title of your previous post mean?)

Micah & J.D. said...

how fun! that must be the best job ever!

Tim & Amy said...

i've been listening to all of your music on here and i love it. love the music video too. we need updates on here though chica! :o) hope nannying is awesome and the married life is great.

love ya!