complacent && confident

it feels good. really.

i found a nannying job.

a 2 1/2 yr. old girl. && a 8 mo. old boy. they are adorable. {she emailed me pics}

i met with the parents on tues. && they are lovely people. {it was the first time i wasn't nervous in an interview. i think that helped a lot.}

mike && i will probably go meet with the whole family on saturday.

playing with kids sounds lovely.

mmm. making money sounds lovely.

making double money sounds incredible.

its like being a mom...and still getting to go home.

i'm really excited. this family went through 60+ emails. 4 interviews. and narrowed it down to me & another girl. and they want to meet mike & i. and she already told me the days she needs me over the summer.

yeahhh buddy. it feels good.

i wanted to do something i love. and what do i love more than children? cute children.

i'll let you know how saturday goes with meeting the family.
side note:the pic up top...is the one i sent to her. so she could put a face to the name & know i wasn't a freak.
{photo by: traci washburn}


Traci said...

wow! LOVE the pic...haha ;) I hope it works out for you! That is SO awesome!! You'll be great!

[FLOUR] said...


love the double ampersand.

kate lines. said...

yeah! go mindy!
only we wont work together :( if any of their friends need nannies i better be first on your list, i could go back to the no make-up life style.

wait- i never went away from it.

jill s said...

i hope it all works out great!

they would be lucky to have you.


Mom said...

Good luck! You are great with kids! Love you!

riggsfam said...

Congrats! Hope it all works out great!

Tim & Amy said...

wahoo. i'm so glad you found a job you will love. very cool. we need to chat woman - i didn't know any of this.

We are the delightfully happy Denhalters said...

all natural!? woah, no way. I guess im way to much of a chicken! Yeah, it was fun to hang out with you guys, we need to get together again soon. I hope everything goes well with this job! nanning is the best!


I really like that picture of you and Mike at the top. Good luck on the job!