married for 9 days.


so it all went fairly well. i mean. it was good. the wedding day. friday. may 2nd.

we stayed the night at a marriot in scottsdale. it was really nice.

saturday we left around noon for Ocean Side, CA.

it was all fine and dandy. we arrived at the Ocean Side Marriot. it was reallly nice.

until it hit me. i was nauseous & had no idea why. then came 12:30 am. saturday night/sunday morning.

the flu or food poisoning got the best of me. mike slept through it thankfully while i was using the restroom & hurling.(sorry for those that get a little queasy)

so sunday morning mike ran out to get me something for it. he returned & then HE was nauseous & sick.

Its exactly what you're thinking...what a great honeymoon--- seeing eachother at our worst ever. mmhmm. just perfect.

oh man. so we came home sunday and arrived at about 6 pm.

the next couple of days was filled with being nauseous. and being lazy. then it was over when we both went back to work on thursday.

i will post wedding pics soon.

check: Oh Snap Photos & Fireflies Photography
if they aren't on there today. they will be soon.


Traci said...

That stinks so much! I'm sorry you had to go through that!! Love you!

johnson family said...

oh mindy....so sorry you had to deal with that....i hope you two get some relaxing happy time together soon!

Tim & Amy said...

glad you guys are feeling better now! you'll have to plan another trip since this one didn't work out!

Micah & J.D. said...

ah man that is horrible luck! i'm excited to see pictures soon tho:]