take your place, make your mark, live your life.

things are starting to get organized over here.

saturday i hung up pictures by the door {instead of this hideous mirror that has a sticker indicating "lights" above the light switches}

i took a bunch of stuff to goodwill.

we took a truck load of garbage out.

my scrapbook stuff it mostly organized.

i did 3 - 12x12 pages yesterday.

a few pages in this other small book.

i paid multiple medical bills yesterday. {i guess being sick for so long...is really biting me in the butt now. and i can't get them to take this blood work off that i DIDNT need. cholesterol testing. instead of liver testing. come on now. ugh.}

i got to drive his remote control car thing around. and i used up the battery. he he.

mike built spencer a plane.

{on a side note:}
i decided i am allergic to sugar. and i think i shall get tested to make sure, and see what else i am allergic to. because the swollen lymphnodes & earaches...just aren't workin out for me.


Ian and Kristen said...

Hi Mindy it's Kristen (Shiflet) Peterson. I found your blog off of like 50 other peoples lists (and I am a total blog stalker.. ha ha) Congrats on the wedding! It will be fun to have you in the ward at least for a while!

Traci said...

Love your pages...WAY cute! Hope your throat gets feeling better.

Kate Lines Photography said...

hey i want to see your house! do you need help hanging, organizing, cleaning? etc? i am really tall i can hang the high pictures! actaully we need to talk about this weekend, call me when you get a chance.

please and thank you.

jill s said...

i want to see your house too!
and i probably won't be back there for a year...so you BETTER take some pictures! :) pretty please?

riggsfam said...

It takes a lot to get everything organized...especially in a small space. Have fun making your space yours.

Tim & Amy said...

sounds like lots of fun - minus the being sick part. yeah, we should probably do that no sugar thing again soon. lame - but true.

glad to see you are getting settled into the married life and things are going great. i'd love to see your scrap pages if you have time to scan them in (or take pics)! :o)