time flies.


6 weeks. 4 days.

and we tie the knot.
get hitched.
get married.
have a husband.
become a wife.
start a new beginning.

we have everything done.
just have to get the flowers situated, and that's it.


time is flying FAR too quickly, it seems like yesterday we went on our first date.

9-21-07: we went to the desert and watched arachnophobia with a few other couples.

and that is where the beginning was.

i love him SO much. he is my everything. my love. my friend. my supporter. my favorite.


riggsfam said...

Your wedding countdown is the same as my countdown to my last day of student teaching! Yay! Exciting times! May is going to be the party month!

Traci said...

YEAH! I'm so excited! It's coming so fast!

jill s said...

i better start packing.

Tim & Amy said...

yeah! so excited! glad you are on top of things & don't have to stress out with little things the last week! :o)

Landon and Kate said...

oh thats cute, just give it about 2 months and you wont feel the same. :) kidding kidding. i know its so great to be in love.

mindy said...

Only 6 weeks left! Hard to believe. It's going to fly by! You've gotten a lot done! Way to go!