american idol fans??

OH boy!

here are my favs! :)

Brooke White (mike went to HS with her)

David Archuleta: AMAZING

And...last but CERTAINLY not least...this good looking man...Jason Castro!


Tim & Amy said...

thanks for the inside look at american idol. we haven't watched ANY this year. (although i wouldn't agree with the 'good looking guy' comment - maybe without the dreads!) but brooke has a unique and pretty voice.

Traci said...

Love all three...agree w/amy on Jason about the dreads. And, don't forget Michael Johns

riggsfam said...

I haven't watched any yet...but I've watched a few clips of David and I'm very impressed with his voice!!

Celeste and Devyn said...

Hi! Just noticed your comment on my cakes! Thank you so much :) Congrats and good luck with wedding plans!

Landon and Kate said...

oh mindy.
landon misses mike.
i miss mindy.
we need to go flying again.
i don't like anyone this year on ai....

i'm just being honest.