almost 2012

i just can't believe it's the end of december already. life has been so busy & stressful & tiring lately.
&& on top of that i've  been sick for almost 2 weeks. laryngitis+cough then congestion + nastier cough+ thrush (i know-gross...i thought only babies got oral thrush.) but i'm finally on antibiotics & cough meds. hopefully i can enjoy the rest of my holiday break from work!

Mike started his own business the week of thanksgiving so he has been SUPER busy. If anyone needs a repair for truck or car- transmission, a/c. oil change- anything...give him a call! :)

We had a good christmas with our families! I got about 10 more owl things for christmas...i think mike is wondering where i'm gonna fit them all! :)

i couldn't post without a video or quote...so here's a video someone had posted on their blog. i thought it was a pretty song!


Amy said...

i can't imagine how stressful it would be to start up a new business! it sounds like you guys are working away at it. use your time away from work to rest + load up on vitamin C! love you. its been fun seeing your cute faces so much over the last few days.

jill s said...

love you!
i hope the business does great!

and i realllllllly hope to see your cute face in march! :)