in honor of

mike finally finding the camera cord to the computer. {never seen a set up like this in my life}nonetheless...WOO HOO!

here are some pictures that have been hiding on this little camera for FAR FAR too long :) haha.{be sure NOT to mention this to mike ... not kidding}

This....is our future house. {other half of garage & rv gate missing in pic}

the big backyard.

the kitchen...see what i mean about needing to paint the cabinets?!

the big 29x9 add on room.

from mikes mission. helping people out. while posing :)

i may have mentioned a 90's party before...well this is my attire from that night.

Cutie sage from when i went to michigan!

YES. a picture of JILL! always taking pictures of other people...but never in them herself. finally. i captured her!

This is our sweet clock from the Jenny Thompson & her mom!

Well...i will be sure to start taking pictures now...and posting them. more of mike surely to come!

hope you enjoyed seeing our new place. after its spiced up...i'll be sure to post more!


Tim and Amy said...

you are too cute. can't wait to see your special touch on the house. so whats the latest on closing date? still in december?

thanks for all the pics! :o)
hope your stirfry turned out!


How fun to have your own house! Im excited for you guys!

riggsfam said...

It's good to see pics of the house! Love the big back yard and that clock is darling.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Im so excited for you new house! It's going to be so much fun painting and decorating. And we're matching clock buddies!

katelines photography. said...

woot-woot. about time for pictures.

Traci said...

Nice that you finally got the pictures on the computer! :)

jill s said...

i'm so sorry lou! i thought i had commented on this.

you are adorable! thanks for getting a picture of me! :)

the house looks SO cute!

love the 90's outfit! lol

and love the picture of sage.

love you + miss you.

Mom said...

Fun to see all those pictures! I'm excited for you getting a new house!

Cami Clay said...

i cant wait to cook with you tomorrow, I keep finding yummy treats instead of dinner stuff... help.. my sweet tooths taking over!

Brian Clay said...

Mindy, here is the laptop they're going to have at Office Depot on black friday... Its not shabby. Saw it this morning and remembered you guys are looking... HP 15.4″ 3 GB Memory 160 GB Hard Drive Notebook Model G50-112NR - $349.99 (be ready to camp out for this on thanksgiving)