cold season has arrived.

well. what a joyous time in snowflake this weekend.

ok. before i complain...i'll tell you what fun we DID have!

we arrived around 9pm at the willis home.
watched a movie & went to bed!

w0ke up...everyone else ate breakfast but me, and then we watched a little tv.

then Hunter, Kiersten, Carly, Samantha, & Deek, and us, went bowling...i watched.
it was pretty entertaining.

Then mike and i headed to Pinedale for our niece Lizzy's, baptism. It was so great to see all of mikes family there. including his brother Fred who i haven't seen since last year around this time.

After the baptism, we headed back to the Willis home. Then we sat around visiting for a bit and then Hunter& Kiersten, Mike & I went to the Driving ranger by their house & hit some balls. I realized...i still suck. haha. Mike was amazing. it was fun. but i got REAL cold REAl fast.

We went back and ate some pizza then started watching Get smart....i headed to bed at 7. Then after that movie they watched Kung Fu Panda.

Sunday morning we ate pancakes for breakfast & then mike & i watched Enchanted :) haha.
Then when they got back from church we went to visit their grandma& grandpa. we had a fun time.

We then headed back home...it was SNOWING after heber and got really hard to see out the window. after an hour...we passed the snow and got home. safely.

why didn't i eat breakfast at 9? Why didnt i bowl? Why did i go to bed at 7?

well friday early morning i started getting a cold. and felt crummy all day long. well Saturday around 4 am...i threw up...anyways...i felt crummy the whole trip with a terrible cold. or flu. or something. and took the day off work today to finish getting over this.

but we DID have a great trip.


riggsfam said...

Yuck! Sorry, Mindy! Being sick is no fun, and being sick on vacation is worse.

Traci said...

Hope you feel better!

Tim and Amy said...

bummer you are sick. i know mom wishes you could have been healthty & happy so you could have walked with her too. feel better. love ya! we were supposed to get our first snow today... but nothing yet. we'll see. want to come visit? maybe not during winter this time... :)

Brian Clay said...
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Cami Clay said...

MINDY! bahaha good idea with the whole emailing phone number thing..

Cami Clay said...

and im so sorry you got sick! i was sick this weekend too..


Mindy I was on Kirsten's facebook page yesterday and saw pictures of Mike and you carving pumpkins or something with them. I didn't know you knew her. It was kinda crazy. That's a bummer that your sweet snowflake trip had to get ruined with getting sick. Hope ya feel better!

Brandon & Jillyn Larsen said...

being sick is yucky. i've been sick for about 5 days now and have no energy. lucky (only cause i'm sick) i dont have a job so i can sleep and try to get better.
i love fred he's so funny. i call him the dungeon boy b/c he hides and never comes around. did you ever see mike's parents old house? he lived in a dungeon. hahaha but he's an amazing artist.
hope you get better!

Stoddard's said...

hey! i was in snowflake too! and we also got stuck in the snowstorm it was so scary!

Mom said...

Lousy deal to be sick all weekend. I didn't realize you took the day off yesterday. Hope you're doing much better now! Love you!