dec. WHAT?!

well i guess our new closing date is Dec 12. {could possibly be a bit earlier...but i guess the weekend of thanksgiving doesn't give them enough time to "do what they do"...whatever that is}

i bought ORNAMENTS. love em. {thanks sams club...and kate for your membership card.}
they are the brown & cream set. and oh so pretty.

Going to our nieces baptism this weekend in pinedale. & staying in snow flake.
i'm going to Freeze my toosh off. no joke. in the mornings here my hands already feel like icicles...just ask robin {works in the same classroom} i touched her arm to ask her if i was cold...cuz i thought ians head felt warm...and she was like WoAH. yes you're cold.
i laughed. i swear my hands won't be warm again till april or may. ugh.

anyways... just thought i'd update a little bit.

OH OH...mike approved the Plum kitchen wall.

YES. only because he didn't want it yellow. that was his other option. he he

happy fall y'all.

p.s. i realize that i'm complaining of the cold and it doesn't snow here. for those of you in snowy places at this time. good luck shoveling all that snow this year. {laugh laugh}

*i haven't heard back from the nanny situtation. i suppose he wouldn't return the attorneys phone call.
**as for the yellow wall...No, we got a big paint thing with all the colors & i showed him which yellow i wanted...he didn't like it! :)
***halloween pictures...may never come. much to my disappointment as well. sorry friends.


riggsfam said...

Oh, man...that stinks that they pushed it back, but I guess it's only a couple of weeks. Did you talk Mike into the plum wall after he saw our yellow kitchen? :)

chop sticks said...

I'm so glad you appreciate Jenny Lewis! Isn't she amazing?

Tim and Amy said...

and that is why i'm thankful for my HOA - they hire a company to shovel snow for us! :o)

sorry to hear your date got moved back. hopefully it sticks with that.

still waiting for halloween pics!

jillrscripps said...

i can't wait to see your house!! :)

any word about the nannying $$??

Ian and Kristen said...

I love those ornaments from Sam's Club! I am trying to convince my mom to buy the brown and cream set! SO cute!

katelines photography. said...

dec 12? since when? you didn't tell me.

your welcome for the membership, thanks brewer-caldwell property management, it's their account.

Bekah said...

that stinks royally that you have to wait longer...i am sorry!

i hear you on the coldness. when you are spoiled with so much sun in the valley it is hard to swallow those cold mountain mornings!

i am glad you are such a great friend to my kate. she talks about you all the time. good friends such as you are few and far between.

Traci said...

Have fun in snowflake/pinedale! Bummer that the date got pushed back! Man it IS cold! My hands are cracking and bleeding, jackets, heaters...winter is definitely coming fast!

Mom said...

Sorry your closing date got changed! And sorry you're so cold and that you have a cold! I hope you feel better real soon!!!! Love you!

Cami Clay said...

Mindy I need your number!!