Another week has come and gone.

*work is interesting- its keeps me on my toes. never know what to expect from morgan.

i have found a new song i really like. from the previous american idol winner...Jordan Sparks. its called Tattoo: (despite the fact i REALLY wanted blake to win.... )
and you can find it HERE

anyways... i am taking it easy. Thought i was getting sick this week, but i feel better thankfully.
I don't have insurance till Sept. 18, since i have to work 90 days before i get it through the GPS District. Kind of sucks since i have such a crappy immune system. but i pray i can hold out just a month without getting sick.

Things that keep me excited:
*Tawni Crowe (my best friend) just got hired to work at Houston Elm.& will be starting in 3 weeks!!! SOOOO excited.
*Christmas this year!! all siblings, spouses, and their children here. SO STOKED!!
*Sept 23rd...Jill & Sage & Emerson COMING!! Wooohoo! for a WEEK!
*I just got my free scrapping stamps in the mail i won. can't wait to use them.
*I am reading Twilight. its 500 pgs, and i'm on 350 i think. Started it last week. Can't wait to finish and start the next in the series.
*OH and my hair is officially getting long. i can put it ALL up :) woohoo.

I'm going to get my toes painted and my car washed now. Much needed : BOTH!

& THANKS JILL for my new super cool header :)

I hope you have a fantabulous day :)

p.s. my sister just sent me the link to THIS and i didn't even remember i did it way back in 2005. go check it out.

EDIT: I finished Twilight yesterday, I read the last 150 pages :) AND i found out that it is Janelle Dewitts AUNT that wrote em!! (AMY...that was for you! haha)


riggsfam said...

First of all, I can't believe you wanted Blake to win. I couldn't stand him!! I think Jordan's voice is pretty good! You're a good sport to put up with everything from Morgan. That will be fun to have Tawni working at the same place as you! That is funny that you started a blog way back then...I think that was probably right before we told everyone that we were pregnant :)

Traci said...

Blake definitely should have won! Morgan is great isn't she?! haha Gotta love her. Can't wait for Tawni to work with us! Glad you feel better and didn't get even more sick.

Traci said...

On your hold blog...What's up with the blog "Traci"?

amy said...

love the new header.

hope you don't get sick!! glad things are going well for you. SO cool to work w/ your sister & your bf! sweet stuff.

nice job on finishing up the book!!!!!!!!!!

Joy said...

Is Tawni replacing Susan?? That's exciting, you guys will have a lot of fun! I LOVE the twilight series, I couldn't put them down when I read it. I don't think New Moon or Eclipse are as good as the 1st but I still love them all :).