Do something for yourself...

What have you done for yourself this week?

monday: went to the park, fed ducks, wrote in my journal. i bought myself a shirt that says: Follow New Trails-& has a dove on it.- from aero. & scrapped a page of my emotions.

tuesday: took a three hour nap.

Thursday: i bought myself some soft m&m cookies. went with tawni to grandpa & nanas for grandpas bday. went to dennys to celebrate his bday. (yes, we are basically family :)

Friday: went and held cute baby Easton while Traci & Scott & his bro & wife played tennis. then i got my turn of trying it out. i didn't do quite as horrible as i imagined. (or as they imagined either)

Saturday: i bought crest whitening strips. i went and got a much needed hair cut. Tawni dyed my hair --->its dark brown again with the slightest hint of red.i played tag in Walmart with Tawni, her aunt Christie and her grandma last night.

today: going to the park. going to write in my journal. and just breathe.

its okay to do something for yourself. if you can simply have 10 minutes to just breathe, create, write, whatever makes you feel good. do it.


riggsfam said...

It's like the instructions the flight attendants give you on the plane..."first secure your breathing mask before you put your child's mask on..." You can't take care of others unless you take care of yourself!

Mom said...

I'm glad you did so much to take of you! You look beautiful!

Mom said...

I'm glad you did so much to take of you! You look beautiful!

Traci said...

Glad your thinking of yourself :) LOVE the new hair!!

jill s said...

hello...where have i been?

i can't wait to see your new hair.

and i'm proud of you for taking care of yourself.

love you.