oh blessed day...

things that aren't so well:

* I got dropped from the only class i was signed up for.
* I have a huge knot in my shoulder- i guess work has been stressing me out a tad.
* I am just feeling a little down this morning.
* I miss my sisters. a lot.
* I have mystery bruises on the back of both my legs. some are rather large.
* I had some stressful dreams last night.
* I haven't been sleeping very well the past week or so.

things that are just dandy:

* I got to sleep in today.
* It is the weekend.
* I laughed harder than I had in a long time last night at chili's with work friends
*** Thanks Diana for making me laugh.
* I have a wonderful relationship with all my sisters.
* I found out today that my sister Jill & sage & emerson are coming in Sept. and that pretty much makes my life THAT much better :)
* I haven't been sick in appx a month.
* Traci and i have a good relationship and i love working with her.
* I've been scrapping a whole lot more lately & it makes me feel a sense of accomplishment.
* My parents signed on a house. on warner & signal butte.

anyways...i'll be posting a song quite often, although Droplets is still my favorite & i can't stop listening to it. but here is a new song i love too.


jill s said...

finding out i get to come makes me happy too. can't wait for late night talks. food rubs. gecko. scrapping. playing. and just hanging out. love you and miss you. i hope your weekend is good lou.


riggsfam said...

That totally stinks about your class! Let us know if we can help you figure out another class to take! Keep focusing on the good things in life! I also am a huge Rascal Flatts fan and that is a cute song!

Mom said...

How about a back rub today? (Me giving you one!) You are so sweet and I love it when you're around! I hope the week ahead is better than the last! Glad you had fun with your friends!!!!

Tim & Amy said...

life definitely throws curve balls. hopefully you can figure out other classes or something.

glad things with jade and friends are going well!

love you & miss you too.

Kristin said...

food rubs??? well, since jill's having the food rubs, I'll take all the foot rubs that she normally gets! Work's definitly stressful these days! Glad Jill's coming our way! That's awesome that your parents signed on a house, can't wait to find out more about it!