Missin you...

Oh how i miss Sage & Emerson being in AZ.
i remember the most...
  • dancing with Sage to honky tonk badonkadonk. shaking her booty (attempting)
  • falling asleep to Let them Be Little by billy dean.
  • getting emerson to fall asleep- or calm down.
  • making sage a peanut butter (& accidentally jelly) and her making the most disgusted face. who knew?!
  • emerson giggling.
  • sage telling me DADDYS work. and so confused why i was leaving. oh that was hard.
  • reading sage a bed time story- her falling asleep before i get halfway done.
  • sage waking up next to me.

OKAY. i miss jill/jim & amy/tim lots too.
  • late night scrapping with jill.
  • watching movies with amy & tim.
  • tim & jim doing their gay impressions together. haha.
  • scrumptious family dinners with jims roast & jills mashed potatoes.
  • dominos pizza.
  • having an escape from home (you know what i mean)
  • tims humor.
  • REAL family dinners. with all of you there.
  • birthdays & holidays.
BUT. thank goodness we have computers and cell phones & webcams.
i'm afraid i don't know what i'd do without that.


This video...well just watch & listen. its my new fav & has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with this post, OR anything in my life. but i love it :)


Kristin said...

Lovin' it Mimi!! Miss you...good luck on Wednesday!

jim said...

i'll see you in december though...

riggsfam said...

Good memories and cute pics!

jill s said...

we miss you TONS too! i love this post. made me get all teary eyed!

love you!!


amy said...

miss YOU too chica! hope december comes fast.