be your own hero.

"Strength and resilience emerge by your own will to become a better person no matter what downfalls happen in your life...be your own hero."

i'm pretty sure anyone on facebook is sick of my quotes and photo quotes. then anyone who comes to my blog gets a page full of quotes too.
i dont have a way with words, and its easier to use others quotes to describe exactly how i feel. 

each step in this "process" has its heart wrenching moments.and when i thought i wouldn't break down, the next step comes and i crumble.  but i have to remind myself daily- that at the end of everyday, i made it through & tomorrow will be better. my strength to keep going is not my strength alone. i have so many people rooting me on. i know that i will be stronger. 

on a lighter note- its spring break, and i started it off with a pampering spa day with my sisters Traci & amy & our friend Jenna. MUCH needed & deserved...>I< think. it started with shopping at Scottsdale Fashion- went to H&M for the first time! Then we headed to get a facial & massage. (i need to go regularly for a massage. maybe at SWI-HA.) 
ended the night at dinner & then had ice cream with our Sprinkles cupcakes- also my first time! amazing.
i'm going to leave you with my favorite quote pic of the day:


Heather said...

I LOVE it! Im so glad you went and got yourself all pampered and such! I've never been good with words as far as expressing myself goes so I totally get the quote thing. This Jenna, it isn't Jenna Roundy is it? If it is I miss that girl.

Mom said...

I'm so glad you got to do the spa thing! Sounds like so much fun!! I'm not sick of quotes! And I think you do have a way with words. Hang in there--you're doing great! Love you!!

Tyler and Kendyl said...

I have that quote in my house. I LOVE it!

Tim and Amy said...

definitely rooting you on. and here to support you every second of the day. i love you! i love your words... but i also love your quote addiction ;o)

love the quote (and the colors of the quote!)

FAB day with the girls indeed!

Traci said...

pampering was just the thing :) haha. Love that quote. Love you!

Heather-YEP! Jenna Roundy!

lunette de soleil marc jacobs said...

wow,so nice,thanks

John said...

You don't know me but I was surfing the Blogger pages and saw your posts. I, too, am a member of the LDS church and I so appreciated your quotes from Pres. Uctdorf and others. I borrowed your quote from Joseph Campbell and posted it on my FB page. Life isn't easy sometimes and I wish you all the best. Thanks for the quotes...maybe I'll have to come back sometime to get more :)