oh life!

Well. in 11 weeks. i'm getting married. yes. 11 weeks. it is crazy to think. i agree.
“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” -Dr. Suess

so here is an update on the wedding stuff:

all that is left is the mens ties. and the bridesmaids ribbon for their dresses.

i picked out what my cake will look like.

i picked out my flowers and talked to the lady doing them.

update on life:

i am going to look for a job to start once school is out.

possibly nanny. possibly bank. any ideas?

life has thrown me some curve balls in the last lil while.

and without my sisters & incredible man...i'd be lonely.

----- today after i had signed out of messenger...she had typed her name....sage...and i said hi sage & i was installing new messenger on my laptop and so i signed out. seconds later, my cell rings...it is SAGE! i was so happy...i said hello? and she said hi mi mi....i was trying to talk to you online! i said i'm so sorry...can we talk on the phone? and she said yes. and she told me about how her and mom (jill) had danced today. :) but then she said it was time for dinner and she had to go eat...i said okay...but sage? i love you and i miss you So much! and she said....i love you to the moon and back :) ok. sage is three. and HOLY smokes...is she CUTE! so that was the highlight of my day! because frankly....any three year old that can love me to the moon and back...can steal anyones heart!

so here is to you having a great day.


jill s said...

ok i LOVE that quote!

and sage had fun talking to you!

i hope you have a great day.


Traci said...

Love it! You are a great sister!I'm so happy for you!

Tim & Amy said...

SO CUTE! sage is great! glad things are all in line for the wedding. wish jill & i could be there to help out with more stuff!

love you! thanks for being YOU! absolutely LOVE this post! :o)

ciao sorella,

Mom said...

Isn't Sage a doll? She is so fun to talk to! Glad you're so in love! You've sure done a lot to get ready for the wedding! Everything is going to be great!