oh boy.


i have always hated the dentist.


since i was a kid.

but today.

i'm BEGGING to go.

my tooth hurts more than i have ever had a tooth hurt before. EVER.

and i must say...i've had a lot of dental work :S

SO. i have an appt at 11:30. for xrays and exam.

i hope i get some meds if it is an infection & some meds because it HURTS like...heck.

So. if you know any remedies for a tooth ache, please share :)

EDIT: i went to the dentist. and OH BOY, i have to get a root canal, i already made my appt and its on tues at 1:30. then i have to get a crown. talk about crappy teeth. boy oh boy. and my sweet fiance, he called like 5 different Endodontists for me and made the appt :) yes. i'm an unlucky RIDICULOUSLY lucky girl :) haha

EDIT 2: I got this shirt in the mail, i ordered another cool one too, but i spelled something wrong on it :) haha. but i LOVE this one!!!


jill s said...

i hope you can get some relief soon!

i REALLY need to go soon. i'm such a wimp.

i love that song too.


Tim & Amy said...

glad you got appointments all set up! way to go mike! :o)

(jill - yes you need to go... make the appointment! :o))

love that song. i saw her on ellen a couple weeks ago! good stuff.

love ya! hope things are good!

Traci said...

Love that song. Hope your tooth gets better. Glad Mike is so great to you!!

riggsfam said...

Scary about your root canal!! Speaking of the dentist...I have an appointment tomorrow, and I know they're going to get on me because I still haven't set up on appt to get my wisdom teeth out...should have done that four years ago!

That's a pretty deep quote on your shirt! :)

Tim & Amy said...

cute shirt! love the quote.

(almost missed it because i was looking for a new post! oops)

hope you are enjoying your day off!

love ya!

Landon and Kate said...

mindy, thats that point, you dont need money to go to di... last night was fun! we all need to hang out more, it gives landon someone to talk to!!! i am glad your tooth is feeling better, tooth aches are the worst.

Mandy said...

what a beautiful quote on your shirt. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)