oh the joys

I had my 31 week appt this last tuesday. I got the results from my 3 hour glucose tolerance test. while walking into my room she said- welp, ya flunked yer test! :( i immediately cried. she told me its ok & if this is the worst thing that happens in my life i'm doing great! lol. uhh ok. & then i asked about my wierd spots on my chest, shoulder, and upper back & she said it looks like fifths disease. she said it happens sometimes in the last 10 weeks of pregnancy. err ok. if it gets worse i have to call. it seems to be staying the same for the last 2 weeks & apparently once you get the rash its past the contagious stage. (Fyi) So, i'm still awaiting the insurance approval for the dietician/GD specialist to be able to come to the house & bring me the glucose testing supplies.
my wonderful sister loaned me hers since she doesn't need it! I've tested my blood sugars yesterday & today & today its been between 77 & 107 all day. rock on! :) i did cut out soda...i know i know...i could hear your jaw drop- no dr. pepper here. or any of that other sugary goodness!! its only for 60 more days IF that---depending when this sweet presley decides to come! then i can go back to my regular diet. which will NOT be including daily soda. i will still continue to try & eat healthier! i'm SO thankful i haven't had migraines since stopping the dr. pepper. i haven't had soda since monday! woohoo! mike is trying to be good about not offering me sugary stuff. he forgets sometimes! lol. i hope i get an extra u/s out of this to check her weight, etc. since with GD its more common to have bigger babies. NO THANKS! :) as long as she is healthy i'll be happy! as long as i don't get anymore bad news...i'll be ONE HAPPY PREGO lADY! :)

can't wait for the baby shower this weekend! i can't wait to see all my family & friends!! i know my sisters & mom &steph have been working hard on planning it & i know its gonna be SO freakin cute!


Amy said...

i am glad to hear no DP has been successful for a week! hopefully they are able to give you some good tips and you've found some good sugar free options. love you - and we are looking forward to the showering with love + goodies you at your baby shower as well! :o)

Lindsay Riggs said...

Sorry you're going through the whole gestational diabetes thing! I hope you get another ultrasound!

Traci said...

way to go on the no DP! You can do it! :) Another U/S would be nice. Can't wait of this weekend :)

jill s said...

I wish I could give you a hug!! You can do it! I know it sucks though! And I wish SO badly that I could be there this weekend!!!!!