3rd trimester. whaaaat?!

How far along? 27 weeks
Baby is as big as a? cauliflower 14.5 inches! appx 2 lbs!
Maternity clothes? oh yeah...
Sleep: besides getting up to pee- i sleep alright.
Best moment this week: mike feeling her moving for a good 15 minutes!
Most "pregnant" moment this week: barfing sunday
Miss Anything? not knowing what heart burn is
Movement: yes- she's moving like crazy in there & i LOVE watching my belly move
Food cravings: potatoes, cold drinks

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope- well the heat haha
Have you started to show yet: personally i think i look like i'm due!
Happy or Moody most of the time: stressing a bit- but happy!
Looking forward to: baby shower :) & finishing up the room- getting shelves up!
 i can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going...90 more days! seems unreal.

update on life: mike is moving to another shop to work for(with) a guy(&his brother) in our ward! he already does transmissions for them! it will be a good change & a little less stressful than being on his own!
Prices for onesies are going up monday!! Send the word out for people to place orders to keep me busy this summer! :) letters, onesies, yoyo's etc! :)


Lindsay Riggs said...

Yay, third trimester!!

Amy said...

time has flown by! wahoo! :o)

hope she's moving on sunday when i see you!

hmm, i've been craving potatoes all week. its overload of stress that makes me eat! ha

SO looking forward to the shower as well! i'm exciting to pull the deets together. its so soon! :o)

exciting about mike's shop. hadn't heard that update. hope its a great move for him.

Mom said...

Time is flying by! It's almost July! You look cute! I still need to feel her moving around...how have I missed that as often as I've seen you? Love you!

jill s said...

So exciting!!!

I can't wait to meet that little girl in October!!!!!!!!!


Tahnee said...

when is your baby shower!!