a month?

Sorry its been so long since i've posted!

just thought i'd update.

a lady in Prescott owns a boutique called the Queen Bee Boutique- & ordered 11 onesies/clips from me! She has them hung up on a clothesline & it looks super cute! can't wait till they sell out!

My co-workers parents live in bisbee & her mom helps out @ a little store & i'm doing consignment with some onesies for them... i did vinyl onesies- cowboy boots, az baby, and yeehaw ones! they turned out pretty cute! (thank you traci for helping me design them on the computer!!)

I also sold that vintage/anthropology necklace holder i made a while back- to a teacher at the school i work at! for $45! Pretty excited about that! Prices vary with them- anthro knobs are NOT cheap.

anyways... i've done some orders here and there & its kept me busy. always something to be done!

life is moving right along. i am going to register for school for Fall semester! not super excited- but such is life.
I plan to work full time & go to school full time come august! wish me luck with that!! haha.

I also did a class with Emily Falconbridge last month- a wet felting class! it is HARD work ! It was great meeting her & learning something new & meeting new people! THANK you jill! :)

i'll try & posts pics of the onesies & felting stuff soon!



jill s said...

so happy you got to go to the class with em.

and i'm excited for you...you'll do amazing in whatever it is you decide to do!

love you girl!

Heather said...

You're one busy girl! Can't wait to see all the cute things you've made!

Mom said...

You've made some darling stuff! Way to go! Love you!!! You'll do great in school, etc.!

Lindsay Riggs said...

Sounds like business is going well for you these days! Sweet!

Amy said...

i thought i commented earlier this week- sorry! keep up the sales! :) and nice work on the anthro dealio!

Amy said...

don't let another month go by ;)

Love Cami. said...

I need another update! + a lunch date. im going to target now to check out their swim attire. :)

lunette de soleil oakley said...

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