you better believe it. this is my word for {2011}.


i gotta stop stressing about little things.
i quit my part time after-work job, doing respite one day a week.
now i am just working full time still at houston elementary.
now i can focus a little more on my blueyedesign business.

i have done a total of {12} big (23.5 in tall) letters in the last 4 weeks. crazy. i hadn't added them all up til just now! haha.

i am actually doing 3 of them tonight (finishing them anyways) 7 of the 12 are for the secretary at school! she gives me a lot of business. pretty great!

i still love owls & got 6 owl things for christmas :) none from the hubs. i think he thinks my owl fettish is nutso! :)

so i want to start getting headbands up on my etsy site. its long overdue! but my full time job is quite tiring- therefor... when i get off- i dont feel like doing much! but my goal in the next month is to get a bunch of headbands up! (someone hold me to it please??)

i want to EMBRACE doing the things i love when i have time to do them! i love selling my stuff and seeing people happy & wearing them. its fun because i've sold SO many hair things at work in the last year & i see someone wearing a flower or headband or something DAILY! its fun.

i want to EMBRACE house cleaning & laundry...etc. yeah embrace it. its life.

i want to EMBRACE eating healthier & cooking more meals for the hubbs!

i want to EMBRACE life. love. crafting. sewing. cooking. cleaning. hawk watching. owl thrifting.

what is YOUR word for 2011?

p.s. sorry i havent posted in like 2 mo. man i'm terrible!


jill s said...


so happy you posted.

and i love your word.
and your post.

i'll hold you to the etsy thing girlie. :)

Tahnee said...

finally an update!

and good word!

Heather said...

This is great! I never would have thought to embrace my house chore duties but it's a good one.

Btw, i've gone private so if you'd like an invite send me your email.


Lindsay Riggs said...

Good word and goals!

Traci said...

Love the word! Thanks for FINALLY updating ;) JK Love ya!

Tim and Amy said...

i say YAAAAAY as well.

good for you for realizing the stress of the after work work. i'm sure all your crafting keeps you super busy. and that's super fun that you get to see your 'work' on friends and coworkers!

angela hardison said...

that's a great word. happy 2011!

Sage and Kelly said...

mine is: positive.
I want to start each day with positive thoughts. So far, I have had a lot more good days then bad days :)

communikate. said...

this is a great word!!

love your blog header!!